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Grill cooks are responsible for the cooking of food on the barbecue.

Grill cooks initially prepared meats only, but they now have to prepare vegetables as well as cheese.

Grill cooks should follow instructions and follow recipes when grilling.

A rare steak ordered should be cooked at the right time.

Grill cooks should have an in-depth understanding of operating grilling equipment and cooking temperatures.

A grill cook’s primary job is to prepare grilled food. But, he might also have to wash and clean food products or fill in for an absentee.

If you’re interested in this job, and you have the ability to cook and operate a grill, this list of job duties will help you build a resume.

* Ask waiters to take your grilled food orders
* Prepare and season foods for grilling
* Grill the food requested according to customer’s specifications and predetermined recipes
* Use small portions of grilled food to garnish.
* Maintain a consistent temperature in broilers and grills.
* Wash, cut and peel vegetables and meats before you cook them

Before you order, taste and test the food.

* Receive raw foods items from suppliers
* Verify that all products are in good quality and accurately numbered
* Refrigerate and rotate food items
* Label food items accurately
* Throw away expired and near-expiry food products
* Arrange prepared foods in an aesthetic way
* Make sure to check the equipment temperature before placing an order.
* Make sure to keep your work area clean by sanitizing and cleaning up regularly
* After each use, disinfect and clean all grilling and broiling tools
* Make sure to maintain grilling equipment properly
* Before you use food items, make sure they are properly thawed
* Manage food supplies inventory
* Before serving cool food items at standard temperatures


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