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A Food and Beverage Assistant is liable for serving food and helping with cooking duties at restaurants, parties & special events. Their duties cover helping with food groundwork for the kitchen, keeping buffets entirely supplied with new dishes and cleaning up dirty plates and cutlery.


Food and Beverage Assistant Salary

As per salaries recorded, the typical compensation for a Food and Beverage Assistant in the UK is £8.70 each hour. Income might be reliant upon experience, location and company.

Where does a Food and Beverage Assistant work?

Food and beverage assistants might look for a job in lodgings, eateries, bars, occasion arranging organizations, cooking organizations, voyage ships, and different discussions where food and beverages are served. This may incorporate smorgasbords, huge-scope cafeterias, business kitchens, room administration, and sports fields. Extra open doors might be found in private offices, for example, helped care places, emergency clinics, and retirement homes. A few enormous associations and organizations have in-house food and beverage staffs, which might give another choice, especially in substantial metropolitan regions.


Food and Beverage Assistant Duties & Responsibilities

Food and Beverage Assistants are liable for giving visitors food and drink. This can include direct table help, finishing buffet determinations with new food, serving visitors in the smorgasbord line, or working behind a bar blending drinks. Their principal duties and responsibilities include:

  • Welcoming visitors as they show up at the scene, guiding visitors to tables, giving menus, and taking requests
  • Helping Chefs by washing vegetables, collecting sandwiches, obtaining fixings from the stock room, or plating up dishes
  • Setting up orchestrating tables and helping with planning occasion spaces.
  • Keeping any bar and drink administration regions completely loaded with beverages
  • Cleaning down tables and seats, eliminating junk, and clearing occasion spaces
  • Taking beverages orders and serving beverages to visitors at their table or all through the setting
  • Bringing food from the kitchen to visitors at the table or a self-administration region
  • Opening wine bottles at the table and pouring drinks for visitors


Food and Beverage Assistant Skills

Food and Beverage assistants need food administration and holding up abilities, close by astounding client support abilities, and the capacity to discuss well with visitors. Food and Beverage Assistants need magnificent information on food readiness and cleanliness principles. An adequate Food and Beverage Assistant up-and-comer will have different essential abilities and capabilities that generally include:

  • Fantastic food administration abilities, including the capacity to convey three plates and convey drinks on a plate
  • Ability to blend mixed drinks and make beverages to arrange
  • Capability to function admirably with other colleagues and to follow bearings from bosses
  • Knowledge of essential food arrangement methods
  • Ability to follow fundamental recipes
  • Superb information on food and drink pairings, especially wine pairings
  • Information on kitchen cleanings and pot washing gear, like modern sinks or high-pressure hoses
  • Legitimate food cleanliness authentication from the Food Standards Agency




FAQs on Food and Beverage Assistant Job Scope

What is the contrast between Food and Beverage Assistant and Banquet Server?

A Food and Beverage Assistant has more extensive going responsibilities than a Banquet Server. A Banquet Server is liable for serving food and beverages at smorgasbords and occasions. At the same time, Food and Beverage assistants can end up working with Chefs, cleaning dishes, performing other kitchen jobs, and serving.


To whom does a Food and Beverage Assistant answer?

A Food and Beverage Assistant reports to a Food and Beverage Manager. During the occasion, the Food and Beverage Manager is answerable for guaranteeing that Food and Beverage Assistants convey excellent client care to visitors while keeping the setting perfect and clean. Food and Beverage Assistants work behind a bar and report to a Bar Manager, while representatives work in the kitchen and write to an Executive Chef.


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