Five Quick and Easy Handwriting Side Hustles |

When you need to pick up some extra cash, there is no shame in picking up a part-time gig. What do you do? Some people might mean flipping burgers at their local pizza spot, but your skills can go much further with some home-based side hustles that don’t require a lot of invested capital. So without further ado, here are five of the best quick and easy handwriting side hustles to help you make your schedule.


Writing for blogs

  1. Write short articles for free (on sites like EzineArticles, ContentShares, or BlogEdge)
  2. Ghostwrite for others (as a freelancer)
  3. Blog on your behalf
  4. Generate article ideas using Google AdWords
  5. Offer your services as a freelance writer to other businesses
  6. Use social media to promote your work
  7. Write for trade magazines and newspapers
  8. Start a blog and get partnered with other blogs
  9. Develop an online course on writing for business
  10. Offer your services as a freelance writer to other businesses.


Writing for magazines

There are a plethora of magazines out there that would love to feature articles from established writers. Fortunately, many of these magazines already have a base of readers who would be interested in reading pieces from new, aspiring writers. Here are five quick and easy ways to get started writing for magazines:

  1. Join an online magazine forum and start meeting other writers. It will allow you to hear about industry trends, receive critiquing for your work, and network with other writers.
  2. Write articles based on specific topics that interest you. This way, you can stay engaged with your readers and provide them with content they can’t find anywhere else.
  3. Contribute reviews to publications that appeal to you. As a media consumer, you must offer your honest perspective on what you’ve read.
  4. Submit poetry or short stories to literary journals that publish new work. Although the submission process can be grueling, academic journals often reward their authors with critical acclaim and exposure.
  5. Launch a blog and write about topics that interest you or connect with your audience. By writing regularly, you’ll foster a relationship with your readers and increase their chances of recommending your work to their friends.


Thumbs able to read and collectors

If you are thumb-able and love to collect things, there are several easy side hustles you can start.

  1. Offer your services as a handwriting tutor. It can be a great way to make extra money and learn new skills simultaneously.
  2. Offer your services as a provider of handwritten correspondence services. It could be a great way to connect with people far away or who have trouble writing letters.
  3. Host a handwriting workshop or event. It could be a great way to get more people to interact with your work and teach them the value of handwritten letters.
  4. Offer your services as a transcriptionist for audio recordings. It can give you extra income and help you get your name out there in the industry.
  5. Sell hand-drawn illustrations or caricatures. It is fun and easy to bring extra income into your life without much effort!



There’s no need for expensive supplies or complicated techniques when scrapbooking with paper products like cards, envelopes, and tags! Here are five quick and easy handwriting side shots to get you started:

  1. Write a birthday card for a friend using recycled paper products like grocery bags and receipts.
  2. Make personalized thank you cards with something from your day planner or photos of friends and family.
  3. Make customized gift tags with photos and witty sayings using old envelopes or magazine pages.
  4. Use the colorful pages of greeting cards to create portable wedding decorations.
  5. Create festive keepsake ornament tags with decorative stickers, stickers from old photographs, or sequins attached to paper chains.



Tattoos are a popular form of body art, and there are many ways to get into the tattooing industry. Here are five quick and easy handwriting side hustles you can start performing right now!

  1. Tattoo Artist

If you’ve a talent for tattooing, consider becoming a full-time artist. You can find part-time and full-time positions on websites like Fiverr and UpWork. Start by building your portfolio and finding clients through word of mouth or social media.

  1. Tattoo Shop Owner

If you’re more interested in running your shop, find a space in a busy city and start tattooing from scratch. There is no shortage of potential customers, as more people choose tattoos as a personal expression. Look for resources like tattoo design books and online tutorials to get started.

  1. Tattoo Services

If you’re comfortable working with clients one-on-one, offer tattoo services as a side hustle. It can include everything from drawing tattoos to applying eyeliner tattoos. To get started, find local businesses that provide temporary tattoos as an attraction or service and offer your services alongside theirs.

  1. Tattoo Redesigned

Consider turning your art into a business if you have a unique take on tattoo designs. Many online platforms allow you to sell tattoo designs and artwork and even offer branding services. To get started, create a logo and digital marketing materials and attract clients through social media and word of mouth.

  1. Tattoo apprentice

If you’re starting, consider becoming an apprentice tattoo artist. It is a great way to gain experience and learn from the best in the industry without spending years working in a professional setting. Look for apprenticeship programs in your city or region, and submit your application when you’ve the required qualifications.


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