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You likely rely on various software to manage your daily operations as a business. For example, you may use Salesforce, Workday, or Concur for customer relationships and accounting needs. You could lean on QuickBooks or SugarCRM for your general ledger management. Whatever the case, it’s essential that your software runs smoothly and efficiently at all times. This means keeping track of all the other updates and patches that must be applied and monitoring performance in real-time. Fortunately, an easy way to achieve this is through dawia certification program management (CPPM). CPPM is a technology that enables businesses to automate their software patching and monitoring processes. Thusly, they can guarantee that their software is running at peak performance all the time.

What is the Dawia Certification Program Management?

The Dawia Certification Program Management (CPM) program is designed to help organizations manage their certification programs more effectively. The program comprises three phases: planning, implementation, and management.


Participants learn about program management concepts and how to develop a comprehensive plan for their certification efforts during the planning phase. This includes understanding the various factors that affect program success, setting measurable goals and objectives, and developing strategies for achieving them.


Participants learn how to implement their plan by setting up effective systems and processes in the implementation phase. They also know about monitoring and measuring progress and troubleshooting problems when they occur.


Finally, in the management phase, participants learn how to keep their certification programs running smoothly by addressing any issues that may arise. They also learn how to create long-term plans and track progress over time to continue improving their programs.

The Benefits of Becoming a Dawia Certified Program Manager

Dawia certification program management provides you with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead and manage a software development project successfully. The certification also validates your competencies in several key areas, including risk assessment, stakeholder management, project planning and execution, and quality assurance.


As a certified program manager, you’ll be able to demonstrate your expertise to potential employers or clients. You’ll also gain credibility when leading projects and helping others succeed. Finally, being certified can help you attract top talent to your organization.

The Process of Becoming a Dawia Certified Program Manager

Dawia is excited to announce the launch of our Certified Program Manager (CPPM) certification program. This program provides aspiring program managers with the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to lead successful software development projects.


The CPPM certification is the first step to becoming a seasoned, knowledgeable, and certified program manager. The certification exam covers project management concepts, methodologies, tools and techniques, and stakeholder management.


To be eligible for the CPPM certification, candidates should have somewhere around three years of involvement in leading software development projects. In addition, they must have a minimum of 2 years of professional experience in a programming or software engineering discipline. Candidates must also have a valid current CSDPM or PMP credential.


The CPPM certification exam is offered twice per year and is delivered online. To register for an upcoming exam date, visit our website: http://www.dawia.com/cppm/. We look forward to welcoming you into the certified ranks!

How to Apply for the Dawia Certification Program

The Dawia Certification Program is an internationally recognized certification program for managing drawings. The program gives members the information and abilities necessary to lead successful dawia organizations.


To be eligible for the Dawia Certification Program, you must have three years of experience working in a leadership role in a day organization. Once you have met these requirements, you can apply online.


When your application has been acknowledged, you will need to upload a copy of your current certificate or diploma from your previous work experience. You must also submit a written application describing your experience working with drawings and how you believe the certification program would benefit your organization.


The program is offered in English and Arabic and lasts six months. After completing the program, you will receive a certified status and be able to use the Dawia certification logo on your website and promotional materials.

The Requirements for Becoming a Dawia Certified Program Manager

The Dawia Certification Program Manager (CPM) certification provides an authoritative understanding of program management’s fundamental principles and practices. You must complete an online course and a hands-on examination to earn the credential.


To be eligible for certification, you must have experience in at least one area of program management, such as planning, execution, or monitoring. In addition, you must have magnificent composed and verbal relational abilities and knowledge of standard information technology tools and techniques.


To become certified, you must first enroll in the online course at www.dawiacertification.org. The course is intended to furnish you with a comprehension of the essential concepts of program management and how to apply these concepts to practical scenarios.


Once you complete the online course, you must take the CPM exam. The exam is a challenging 90-question multiple-choice test that covers all aspects of program management theory and practice. If you pass the exam, Dawia will issue you a certificate indicating that you are certified as a CPM.


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