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  1. A “World’s Okayest Employee” award or certificate
  2. A “Do Not Disturb” sign for their home office that says “I’m Busy Doing Nothing.”
  3. A stress ball that looks like a miniature punching bag or a “Keep Calm and Carry On” stress ball
  4. A “Work from Home” starter kit that includes pajama pants, fuzzy slippers, and a mug with their favorite coffee or tea
  5. A desktop punching bag to let out some frustration
  6. A “Home Office” street sign to hang on their office door
  7. A personalized mousepad with a humorous quote or picture
  8. A funny desk decoration, such as a mini Zen garden or a miniature basketball hoop
  9. A “WFH Survival Kit” that includes snacks, a water bottle, and a funny self-help book about working from home
  10. A “Sorry I’m Late, My Cat Was Sitting On My Keyboard” mousepad
  11. A “No Pants Required” doormat for their home office entrance
  12. A “Work from Home, Day Drinking is Now Acceptable” tumbler
  13. A “What Day Is It?” calendar with pictures of their favorite pets or memes
  14. A “Boss Lady” or “Boss Man” coffee mug
  15. A “My Co-Worker is a Plant” desk decoration
  16. A “Productivity” timer that counts down to a happy hour
  17. A “This Meeting Could Have Been an Email” notepad
  18. A “Professional Napper” pillow
  19. A “Too Many Tabs” mug or coaster
  20. A “Bored In The House” activity book
  21. A “Sorry I’m Late, I Didn’t Want To Come” t-shirt
  22. A “Survived Another Zoom Meeting” sticker or pin
  23. A “World’s Best Boss, According to Me” trophy
  24. A “Stay Home Club” enamel pin
  25. A “My Co-Worker is a Dog” photo frame
  26. A “Please Do Not Disturb” door hanger with a funny message
  27. A “Keep Calm and Work in Your Pajamas” mug or poster
  28. A “Work from Home” coloring book
  29. A “Zoom Call Bingo” card game
  30. A “Professional Procrastinator” notebook
  31. A “Coffee Before Talkie” mug
  32. A “Sorry I’m Late, I Didn’t Realize I Was Supposed To Be Here” clock
  33. A “My Office is Anywhere with Wi-Fi” t-shirt or hoodie
  34. A “Brainstorming in Progress” do not disturb door hanger
  35. A “World’s Greatest Remote Employee” mug
  36. A “I Don’t Always Work from Home, But When I Do, I Wear Pajamas” t-shirt
  37. A “I Can’t Adult Today” mug or coaster
  38. A “My Co-Worker is a Toddler” coffee mug
  39. A “Coffee Keeps Me Going Until It’s Time for Wine” tumbler or glass
  40. A “In My Defense, I Was Left Unsupervised” desk plaque or sign
  41. A “Please Do Not Feed the Employees” sign for their home office
  42. A “I Need a Coffee the Size of My Butt” mug
  43. A “Working from Home Because Adulting is Hard” t-shirt
  44. A “Nope Not Today” notepad

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