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Enhance Your Productivity through Strategic Workday Planning

As the global landscape of businesses expands, and virtual workforces become increasingly prevalent, many individuals now find themselves engaged in remote work from the comfort of their homes. While this shift can be cause for celebration—eliminating commutes, cubicles, and lackluster office coffee—it also places a heightened responsibility on individuals. Working from home demands a high degree of organization and self-motivation, as the absence of external oversight means that no one is monitoring your work hours or scrutinizing your output. Despite the seemingly relaxed nature of remote work, studies indicate that those who embrace it may actually achieve higher levels of productivity compared to their office-based counterparts.

For those who have secured work-at-home positions but harbor reservations about the prospect of solitude—perhaps desiring the vibrant energy of a traditional workplace or wishing to maintain a clear boundary between home and work life—options abound. Carrying your laptop to a welcoming cafe with Wi-Fi allows you to create a dynamic workspace while supporting the establishment through the purchase of coffee and pastries. In many urban areas, the emergence of trendy coworking spaces, such as WeWork, General Assembly, and NeueHouse, provides not only a professional environment but also a sense of camaraderie. (A quick online search using your city name plus “coworking” can help locate one in your vicinity.)

For those committed to a home office, the following tips can help ensure sustained productivity and mental well-being throughout the workweek:

  1. Designate a Dedicated Workspace: If possible, choose a location for your desk separate from your bedroom to avoid blending work and sleep signals. While an entire room serving as a home office is optimal, even a nook or spacious closet can suffice.
  2. Establish a Routine: Resist the temptation to embrace a flexible schedule that starts late and ends whenever. Set a consistent wake-up time, preferably early, and initiate your day with exercise or meditation to foster a positive start. Consider a short stroll around your neighborhood before work, creating a mental distinction between your home and work environments.
  3. Make Your Bed: This simple act, linked to happiness, kick-starts your day positively. Maintaining a tidy and somewhat organized home is crucial for effective remote work. Additionally, an entire book has been dedicated to the importance of making one’s bed, adding weight to this seemingly mundane task.
  4. Maintain Personal Hygiene: Shower, brush your teeth, and dress as if you were heading to an external workplace. Remaining in pajamas with unkempt hair and neglected oral hygiene can adversely affect your mindset, prompting thoughts of returning to bed rather than engaging in professional tasks.
  5. Organize Your Workspace: A cluttered desk can lead to a merging of work and personal items. Invest in a small filing cabinet if needed, and regularly review and organize papers to prevent your home from resembling an episode of “Hoarders: Home Office Edition.”
  6. Avoid House Chores During Work Hours: While the occasional household chore is permissible, dedicating an entire workday to domestic tasks can lead to procrastination. Focus on your job responsibilities to maintain productivity and avoid the need for a new job due to missed deadlines.
  7. Incorporate Breaks: Research advocates for 90-minute bursts of creative productivity, interspersed with short breaks for relaxation or exercise. Leverage the advantage of being at home by taking brief pauses to stretch, walk, or even indulge in a short nap (set an alarm to avoid exceeding 20 minutes).
  8. Socialize After Work: Counteract the potential loneliness associated with remote work by making social plans for the evening or weekends. Schedule brief breaks for social media use during the workday to prevent falling into unproductive habits.
  9. Embrace the Perks of a Home Office: Revel in the benefits of being in a comfortable environment all day. Enjoy your preferred music without coworker conflicts, prepare healthy meals in your fully equipped kitchen, and relish the freedom to wear whatever attire brings you comfort—far surpassing the constraints of “office casual.”
  10. Establishing Distinct Boundaries: Clearly delineate specific working hours to demarcate the boundary between your professional commitments and personal life. Notify family members or housemates about your designated work hours, thereby reducing disruptions and fostering the development of a well-organized routine. Articulate your availability with precision, promoting an environment conducive to concentrated work efforts while simultaneously upholding a harmonious and healthy work-life equilibrium.


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